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Somebody with too much time on their hands deleted many Wikipedia Super-8 Links, so I've posted them below. I am offering this as a service but I cannot vouch for any of the links listed below. Super-8 Information is periodically being added to this website so you may want to bookmark this site and check back now and then. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the information on the remaining nine pages useful.

Super-8mm.net Super-8 Filmmaking in the Digital Age.
Kodak Super-8mm Resources.
Kodak Super-8 Film Stocks Plus Ordering Information.
Kodak World Wide Contact Information
Small Format Magazine International coverage of the Super 8 and 16 mm scene*.
ONsuper8.org Impartial and comprehensive resources for today's Super 8 mm and small gauge film makers.
United States Super 8 Film & Digital Film Festival. The United States Super-8 Film + Digital Video Festival receives from 50 to 100 Super-8 entries every year.
Film and Video Transfers can be found on the Internet as TheTransferStation.com and offers "all format" Rank Cintel film Transfer Services, PAL & NTSC Video Duplication Services, WetGate Super-8 and very good quality film chain transfers as well. Film and Video Transfers also does 16mm & 35mm Rank Cintel Transfers, double system transfers, and all kinds of video conversions and duplications. Film and Video Transfers also has rare video formats such as 1 inch video and 3/4 video for remastering archival projects onto newer formats such as DVD, hard drive and dv tape.

Support your Super-8 Labs!

Spectra Film and Video is a Full Service Super-8 (and also 16mm and 35mm) Facility including Film Lab Services, Camera rental, camera repairs and all formats of Rank Cintel Transfer Services. Spectra Film and Video is also Open Saturdays 11:00am - 5:00pm.
Yale Film & Video is a full service Super-8 Facility. Yale Offers Film Reversal Film Lab Services, Film Camera rentals and Rank Cintel Transfer Services, Support your Super-8 Labs!
Alpha Cine is perhaps the best Super-8 negative processing lab in the world. Lab only. Sometimes other labs and dry transfer houses will send their super-8 negative film to Alpha Cine for negative Super-8 processing but then do the film to video transfer for their clients. Support your Super-8 Labs!

Hostboard Forum For Super-8 Newbies and Experts Alike.
Cinematography.com Multiple Film and Video Format Forums for cinematographers, including Super-8mm.
8mm Forum Website for collectors of Super 8 Films or interested in the format, especially useful for the film projection enthusiast.
Filmshooting.com The web's most active Super 8 community.
Derann Films British company still producing films for the Super 8 enthusiast.
Comunidade Super8 Portuguese website about Super 8.
Eldhuset Film the Free Smallfilm Manuals list - Eldhuset Film hosts a growing list of freely downloadable 8 mm, super 8 and 16 mm camera manuals in pdf-format.
Super8 Film Cameras Super 8 Film Camera information
Michael Nyberg's Super 8 on a Budget Site Excellent site dedicated to both super 8 and regular 8. Tons of camera reviews.
Mondofoto Over a thousand photos of Super 8 equipment Plus instruction manuals to download.
strawberry-super8.org Strawberry Super 8 Film Festival (Cambridge, UK) Film festival with international competition dedicated to Super 8. Happens in June.
Super-8mm.com Low Budget Super-8 Feature Filmmaking.
Super8 BOLEX Film Digital Transfer
Super8camera.com Contains complete list of super 8 film-cartridges currently on the market & how to diy process them.
Super-8 Cities Project, Also called Cine Citizens Global Feature Length Documentary Project, shot exclusively on Super-8mm and released on DVD in 2007, Link is dead so it has been removed, try google.
Super 8 Wiki - detailed information on every Super 8 camera made, and articles on repair techniques


For more Information
on my 20 plus years
making films and videos,
please visit Alex LOGIC.
I am also an ideas person,
and an excellent collaborator.

Small Format Magazine offers an international flavor with great Super-8 and 16mm topics. Small Format Magazine offers amazing information about the history of both 16mm and Super-8mm cameras and projectors.

Small Format Magazine also offers tremendous insights and stories into modern Super-8 and 16mm filmmaking techniques and productions. The ads also offer a quick reference for the best in Super-8 services from all over the world.

It is this websites opinion that Small format should print in two languages, both German and English. On the left hand page print the article in German, on the Right hand page print the same article in English. Contact Small Format Magazine if you like this idea and let them know you would subscribe if they did this.

Small Format Magazine generously sponsors an Annual International Super-8 film festival. Small Format Magazine was the first Super-8 film festival ever to put all of their Super-8 entries on the internet so the international community could vote for their favorite films.

Your Small Format Magazine subscription includes a free gift! You can upgrade your Small Format subscription to first class which will decrease arrival time of your international magazine from 4-6 weeks to only 7 - 10 days. Small Format magazine also makes an excellent subscription gift to any college or university that offers film and video production classes.

Both Super 8 Today and Small Format Magazine Subscriptions would make excellent honorable mention prizes for film festivals to give out to the filmmakers that don't win the biggest awards.


Super-8mm.net - The Many Advantages of Super-8mm Filmmaking are Revealed.

Page-1 Super-8mm Overview.
Page-2 Super-8mm Film Advantages Explored
Page-3 Super-8mm Film Production News
Page-4 Music Video Techniques.
Page-5 Labs & Transfers.
Page-6 8mm Film Subscription Magazines.
Page-7 Flicker Super-8 Shooting Strategies
Page-8 Using Polaroids.
Page-9 Super-8 Cameras.
Page-10 Super-8 Forums.

Super-8mm.com - Super-8mm Low Budget Feature Filmmaking Techniques.

Page-1 Super-8 Links, Overview & Methods.
Page-2 Super-8 Guerilla Filmmaking.
Page-3 Indoor & Outdoor Locations.
Page-4 Super-8mm Film Stock Strategies.
Page-5 Super-8 Production News & Notes.
Page-6 A Good SoundTrack Can Make Your Film.
Page-7 Using Quiet Super-8 Cameras.
Page-8 Best Script Concepts for Super-8mm.
Page-9 Acquiring Same Model Super-8 Cameras.
Page-10 One Stop Super-8 Film Labs.